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The OUTcast by Muncie OUTreach

The perspective from outside looking in

Apr 21, 2021

In the words of Sarah Dessen “your past is always your past. Even if you forget it, it remembers you.” History, even if forgotten or hidden, still lingers on like a ghost haunting the very present in which we reside. The same can be said of the United States, a history littered with atrocities done to people who were deemed “different,” even if it is not well-known, are still alive and well whether we notice them or not. This episode we recorded was a little different, we decided to take on the subject of antisemitism and how it permeates throughout our society and culture. The members of The OUTcast Podcast addressed many issues ranging from QAnon to David Icke’s lizard people conspiracy and how each have their roots in anti-Jewish hatred. We went on to explain how antisemitism has taken a foothold in American culture in ways many of us do not realize. We were fortunate enough to have one of our co-hosts, Luc, to help guide us through the history of antisemitism and how it impacts today’s society. We would like to thank Luc for his brilliant insight, direction, and passion as he shared his experience being a Jewish person confronting these antisemitic sentiments. We would also like to welcome a new member to our podcast, Leo, who was able to offer his intellect and perspective to the dialogue. We want all of our listeners, whether they are a part of a marginalized group or not, to understand that we are all in this fight for equality together. We all must take the time to learn from and empathize with one another, if we are to make any changes that are meaningful. This episode is dedicated to the precious lives lost in the Holocaust and the lives that continue to be lost due to state-sponsored violence.

Music Credit: Dj Quads

Track Name: "This Time Of The Year"