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The OUTcast by Muncie OUTreach

The perspective from outside looking in

Jun 7, 2021

   This episode of the OUTcast Podcast, we discussed a topic that is relatable to almost anyone who has dabbled in the world of courtship, Unhealthy Relationships. Our society places an elevated value on dating, relationships, and love which can be seen in all forms of media. We see movies, shows, and books asserting the transformative power of romantic love. Much of this media likens falling in love to something magical or enchanted. However, not much of the media is geared toward what happens after the feeling of falling in love has diminished or how to maintain a relationship over a long period of time. This unrealistic standard of love and relationships perpetuated by the media places an unnecessary pressure on those who are searching for a genuine connection. Unfortunately, this idealistic depiction of love can lead many into unhealthy and abusive relationships with no skills on how to navigate them. This issue becomes worse when we factor in the representation of queer relationships. Without some form of guidance or a model that exhibits healthy queer relationships, many LGBTQ youth are left at the wayside.

   Research by the Urban Institute has shown that “higher percentages of LGB youth reported being victimized by physical dating violence (43 percent), psychological dating abuse (59 percent), cyber dating abuse (37 percent), and sexual coercion (23 percent), than did heterosexual youth.” The numbers are even bleaker for our transgender youth, “across the board, the few transgender youth in the sample reported some of the highest victimization rates of physical dating violence, psychological dating abuse, cyber dating abuse, and sexual coercion; however, they also reported the highest perpetration rates of physical dating violence, cyber dating abuse, and sexual coercion.”

   Therefore, our cast decided to undertake the issue of unhealthy relationships and the red flags to be aware of. Our guest on this episode, Melanie Jones, gives a yearly presentation on unhealthy relationships to the youth at OUTreach. So, we invited her onto our podcast to help bestow some insight into this subject. We want our queer youth to understand that unhealthy relationships can happen to anyone, and it is not necessarily a reflection of a character flaw within them. Hopefully, they will walk away from this episode with the necessary tools to help recognize abusive relationships. We would like to express our deep gratitude toward Melanie and her contributions to this episode. Stay safe and Happy Pride Month!!

Music Credit: Dj Quads
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