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The OUTcast by Muncie OUTreach

The perspective from outside looking in

Aug 26, 2022

For this episode, we decided to take a break from the usual serious topics involving social issues, problematic politics, and current events to shift towards a lighter tone. We decided to do an episode where we focus on a specific series that is an example of good representation, quality storytelling, and unapologetically queer characters. So, we chose to analyze, critique, and praise the new critically acclaimed and Takia Waititi-produced HBO Max series “Our Flag Means Death.” This new take on the pirate genre is praised for its LGBTQ representation, colorful cast, and subversion of the queer-baiting trope that became quite popular in film. With that said, we decided to offer up our own assessments of the show by exploring the important themes, analyzing our favorite characters, and addressing the historical inaccuracies which led to some potentially uncomfortable subjects. So, we would like for everyone to just enjoy this fun and light-hearted episode but also stay tuned for more content like this in the future.