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The OUTcast by Muncie OUTreach

The perspective from outside looking in

Nov 21, 2021

For this episode, we aimed to shift our focus to the AIDS Crisis of the 1980s, a time period where the LGBTQ community found itself at the frightening crossroads of a deadly epidemic and a negligent government. This crisis claimed the lives of over 40,000 people from 1981 to 1987 in the United States alone. Yet, despite the lives being lost due this crisis, there was not a word uttered about it by any government official until 1985. This was 4 years after the crisis began but by then it was already a full-scale epidemic. So, to help us gain some insight into this period, we had the distinguished pleasure of interviewing columnist, novelist, and long-time LGBTQ activist, James Finn. Finn was a member of both ACT UP NY and Queer Nation during this time and stood on the frontlines of many of the protests and demonstrations battling government negligence during the AIDS Crisis. The OUTcast Podcast would like to thank James Finn for sharing his experiences, keen insight, and wisdom with us during this interview. We dedicate this episode to all activists who placed their lives in harm’s way in hopes of creating a brighter future.

Music Provided by Duong Thi